Labor Day Weekend Shenanigans 2018

The weekend before the first Monday in September, Americans put on their best white outfits, plan weekend trips and say goodbye to Summer the best way they know how. And in my opinion there’s no better way to bid summer farewell than with your best friends, on a lake, with A LOT of alcohol.  Woah…that sounded kind of aggressive.  But I guess you could say my Labor Day Weekend 2018 was aggressive. Just watch this video below and you’ll understand why…

If you aren’t from Missouri or really the Midwest I guess you might not get the whole lake culture thing. For me I would chose to be on a boat, on a lake, over the beach ANY DAY (Unless I’m on a yacht in the Mediterranean and there’s a beach nearby, that’s totally different).  Going to college at the University of Missouri meant trips to Lake of the Ozarks were MANDATORY. I look at it as a rite of passage if you will. Meaning, you really haven’t seen all the things Missouri has to offer until you’ve walked through a foam party at Shady Gators… LOL. Believe me when I say, there is NO WHERE else quite like the Lake of the Ozarks.  And while it CERTAINLY isn’t the fanciest place I’ve ever been, it’s one of my favorites.


This year I joined the usual lake suspects (hi lake crew) on a weekend FULL of Labor Day fun.  We kicked it off with a trip to our almamater MIZZOU to watch the Tigers play their first home game.  Fun fact: I used to be on the dance team at Mizzou aka the Golden Girls (YUP just like the show with Betty White).  But I have to admit that while I loved dancing, I HATED that I had to watch the football game. Most boring 4 hours of my life… #TRUTH.  So going back to watch the football games is less about watching the game and more about eating and drinking A LOT. We’re fortunate enough to hang out in the boxes up top and the best part about that is the dessert cart that comes by right around halftime.  Anything after that is just not as cool.

So after giving it the old college try (aka partying like we used to), we needed to head back to the lake where hopefully we might find our dignity…YEAH RIGHT.

 I can pretty much sum up the rest of the weekend in just a few words: WHITE CLAWS & FRIED FOOD.  If you don’t know what a White Claw is then you must not be a skinny b*!ch tryna watch your calories when you drink. ANYWAYS, let me just say that I won’t be returning to the Lake of the Ozarks for a whole 365 because that’s how long I think it will take my liver to recover.  And in the effort of trying to remain somewhat professional on here, I will leave it at that.

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Okay, off to heal my body, mind and liver!

Adventure Awaits!