The ULTIMATE Fall Bucket List


October is here people! And if you haven’t already made your annual trip to the pumpkin patch yet...well let’s just not even go there, of course you have! But if you’re like me, one trip to the pumpkin patch just won’t cut it when it comes to celebrating the ultimate basic biotch season. No, no, I want to wake up with a PSL in hand, light my cinnamon scented candle and have someone take pictures of me throwing leaves in the air while I pretend to laugh at the joke no one told me. Yeah, the fall obsession is REAL.

If you relate to any of that at all, then this bucket list will be right up your alley. Here’s my ultimate fall bucket list for all your basics out there that just want to have your pumpkin flavored bread and eat it too (see what I did there??).

  1. Watch Hocus Pocus with your gal pals

  2. Decorate your front porch with all the festive fall decor from home goods

  3. Carve/decorate pumpkins and bake the seeds

  4. Make your own Halloween costume. Because who wants to wear off the rack, am I right?!?

  5. Drink hot/cold apple cider

  6. Get your hands on apple cider donuts (if you live in Southern California you can find these in Oak Glen)

  7. Go crazy with crock pot recipes! Turkey chili anyone?!

  8. Watch ALL of the Harry Potter movies

  9. Throw a wine and cheese night party and watch a scary movie (I suggest Halloween)

  10. Treat your self to some new fall booties

  11. Buy Halloween candy for yourself and eat the whole bag

  12. Go to some sort or outdoor sporting event. Idk I think it’s called football or something...?

  13. Go apple picking and maybeeee make apple pie?

  14. Go to the pumpkin patch and take obscene amounts of photos to prove you were there

  15. Go to a psychic/have your cards read

  16. Get a group together and go to a haunted house

  17. Bake something pumpkiny like biscuits or bread or something

  18. Enjoy breakfast in bed when you set the clocks back

  19. Fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole

  20. Dress up on Halloween and stay out past your bedtime

  21. Wear your best fall sweater and take cute pics by trees where the leaves have changed

  22. Eat a Carmel apple and then schedule your bi-annual dental appointment

  23. Spend too much money on scented candles and then take a bath and light said candles

  24. Order at least 15 PSL at Starbucks

  25. Go for a walk and look at the fall leaves


If you check off even half of these I’ll be impressed. As I write this I’m currently sitting in a cab on my way in to New York City and my plan is to check off as many of these festive fall activities while I’m here! But I’m gonna sign off for now because this cab smells like vomit and I need to focus on not passing out from the smell lol.

Happy fall frolicking!