I’m an Emmy-Award-winning reporter who traded in her pencil skirts for a passport.

I created this blog to share my adventures and inspire others to follow their passion and explore the world. 

On Alle Abroad I’ll take you along as I travel the world, sharing my recommendations for exploring each destination. I’ll give you helpful tips and tricks that will make you feel like a total travel pro. But I’ll also keep it 100. This isn’t the blog for girls who can pack for 3 months in a carry-on.  #sorryIhavetoomuchshit On that same note I’ll be sprinkling some fashion, lifestyle, and food into this blog. Because who wants to be a one trick pony, am I right?

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I could go on for hours about how traveling is part of my DNA. My mom is a travel agent and my built-in travel companion, and I inherited her adventurous soul and curious mind. When I was a junior in college I was lucky enough to “study” abroad in London. After jet setting across Europe with some of my best friends, I never quite shook the urge to explore. Whether it's cross country road trips with my four cats (yeah...I did that) or going on Safari in Africa, I'm always on the move. I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same!


I studied broadcast journalism at the University of Missouri. MIZ! After graduation I moved to California and started a career as a TV news reporter. For 3 years I was the weekend morning anchor and entertainment reporter at a TV station in Palm Springs. I decided to press pause on the 9-5 and take a big leap into the world of travel. I dream of having my own travel show one day, and this is the next step on that journey. Click here to see me interviewing celebrities and more!