How I (try to) Eat Healthy In Airports


Let’s face it, people, maintaining a healthy diet while you’re traveling can be tough.

And to those who say it’s easy, hats off to you, I don’t know how you do it!

Since I can remember the airport has always been one of my favorite places. But when it comes to finding a spot that serves healthy nutritious food, it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack at times. And boy is it hard to walk by the Auntie Anne’s Pretzels without your mouth watering. But sometimes you just gotta say ‘NOT TODAY SATAN!’ and have a plan of attack when it comes to avoiding these temptations.

SIDE NOTE: if you’re on your honeymoon or just really want to totally throw caution to the wind and say F MY DIET, I hear ya girl! Sometimes you gotta TREAT YO SELF.

Today I want to tell you about some of my secret weapons to staying (somewhat) on track when I travel. Because let’s be honest people, sometimes I do get the cinnamon pretzels at the airport when I’m in a weaker state...SUE ME!



I mean I’m sure you all know your home airport (the one you always leave from) but do you really KNOW it. What I’m referring to is taking the time to find your go-to spots. That way you take all the hemming and hawing out of your decision.

For example, I fly from O’Hare Airport in Chicago. I recently discovered the holy grail of vending machines. Now, I know what you’re can a vending machine be healthy? WELL, IT CAN.

Let me introduce you to Farmer’s Fridge. This vending machine is my new best friend whether I’m leaving or coming home from a trip. The company is all about healthy nutritious airport meals you can eat on the go (cause you know how hard those are to find). They have about 25 different salads, snacks, and sandwiches made from locally sourced products here in the midwest. You can find them at O’Hare’s terminal 1, 2, 3, & 5. My go tos are ANY of their salads and I also love their chia seed pudding. Check out their current menu here.

OOO one last thing I love about Farmer’s Fridge, they donate all unpurchased meals to local food depositories to help community members in need. OOOO sorry I lied, another thing I love, they have a place for you to recycle your containers at the vending machine. So when you’re done, pop it into the little slot and feel good that you’re doing your part to help the environment.

PPS - You can find a Farmer’s Fridge in 300+ locations Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis!


I never go to the airport without my snack attack pack. What’s that? It’s my go to travel snacks that I ALWAYS have to have on hand.

Here’s what I pack:

You can make your own version of this with things you already have in your pantry. Just pop it into a zip-lock bag and you’re good to go!


Often times we confuse hunger with thirst. I heard that fact AGES ago from some health book and it’s something that really stuck with me. So as soon as I get what I think are hunger pangs, I grab my water and chug. If you’re no longer hungry in a bit then you know you just needed to drink water. But if your tummy is still rumbling, it’s time to eat.

Side note, and I’m trying to get better at this, bring your own water bottle with you. One it cuts down on your single-use plastic footprint, but it’s also great to have on your flight when the little mini cups of water just won’t cut it.

My gal pal Carson recommends this fancy one. But if you’re looking for just the basics check out this collapsable cutie.


I know there’s lots of opinions on this coffee giant (I’m team Starbucks) this really is a reliable option for (somewhat) healthy items. You can opt for their egg white options or snag one of their protein packs. I usually go for their oatmeal (with all the bad toppings...whoops). But I just learned a new healthier option. Ditch the brown sugar and instead add a little bit of Justin’s Almond butter that Starbucks started selling.


It’s hard to know exactly what your options are without a littttle advance planning. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you get off the plane and have no plan of attack before your connection. If I know I’m going to have a lengthy connection, I like to check out Eater’s Airport Dining Guides ahead of time and plan where I’d like to eat.

While I’ve not tried this, I’ve heard there’s a service called AtYourGate which will deliver food to you at a few airports across the country.


Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the Newsstand… Come on… we all know that feeling of going in with the best intentions and leaving with 3 bags of candy and gossip magazines. But if we practice just a little self-restraint we might feel a whole lot better post-flight. I often always grab a HUGE Smart water (only if I forgot my reusable water bottle) and RX Bar or a Lara Bar. Sometimes if I’m feeling snacky I’ll go for a Skinny Pop if it’s an option.

If you want to learn more about the push towards more healthy foods in US airports, check out this New York Times article. It has recs for healthy spots in many major US airports.