My carry on essentials


Am I even a travel blogger if I don’t have a ‘What’s in my carry on’ post?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

Which is why I’m writing this post. But honestly, when I was just starting to travel, I searched for these posts ALL THE TIME. And I really think they can be helpful. I mean don’t you want to know the exact brand of under eye patchy things I use during the flight?!?!

If your answer is anything but yes, GETOUT!!!!!!!!!!! JK, you can stay, but I’ll need you to check your attitude at the gate (see what I did there…wink wink).

Anyways, we’re getting off topic. These are ALL OF THE THINGS I travel with. Whether it’s a short flight or a massive long haul, I’ve got my A-team with me at all times.

So without further adieu, here’s all the crap I can’t travel on a plane without.



First let’s talk about the actual bag. By now you know I’m a pack rat. So I utilize my carry ons TO THE MAX. Meaning, I pretty much ALWAYS bring a rolling bag plus my gear bag on the plane (unless it’s a super short trip and then I’ll just take my gear bag + a purse).

Rolling Suitcase:

This is your bread and butter. If you’re a total rockstar, you could pack everything in one of these. But if you’re like me, you put all your heavy crap in here that you don’t want to count towards the 50 pounds in your checked bag. Either way, investing in a good rolling carry on is a must. I personally use an older version of this cutie from CalPak but I know a lot of people LOVE their Away luggage. Honestly I think it’s just personal preference, but I like that CalPak is a bit cheaper.

Gear Bag:

If you’re carrying any sort of camera gear, lap top, etc. it’s a good idea to invest in a quality gear bag.  I recently started carrying one and I’ve gotta say it’s game changing. I used to shove all my cords and camera gear into random spots in my purse and it wasn’t at all organized. Now with a gear bag everything has its place and most importantly it stays not broken lol.

This is the gear bag I currently use but I’m thinking of upgrading to this one.

Pro tip: don’t splurge on your first gear bag. Find out what you like and need first and then shell out the big bucks.


If you’re not a huge camera nerd or you don’t travel with a laptop, let me recommend a great carry all purse, it’s called a diaper bag. LOL I KNOW. Why do moms get to have all the pockets tho??? Lol I discovered how much I loved diaper bags when I accidentally bought a Marc Jacobs one from Nordstrom Rack. They are AWESOME travel tote bags. They’re usually made of washable material and have loads of storage space. Kate spade makes cute ones that totally don’t look like a mommy bag lol.

Folding duffle bag:

Okay this is my dirty little secret. I always carry one of these guys with me when I travel. It’s kinda like my security blanket in case I go buck wild with the souvenir shopping lol. It’s not much to carry and it just makes you rest at ease if you’re worried about how you’ll get all your crap back home.


Now let’s get to the good stuff, what’s inside all the bags. Buckle up, there’s a lot.

Clear Plastic Pouch:

I recently came across these bags after years of getting stopped because my carry on liquids weren’t in a clear plastic bag (whoops lol). They’re super convenient and keep all your liquids and random items together in one spot. Plus these are TSA approved which makes going through security a breeze (but if you have Global Entry like me you don’t even need to take out your liquids. BOOM).

Inflatable Neck Pillow:

I could never decide if I actually liked these until I found this one. Let me say, having a neck pillow that deflates and folds up is so much better than carrying around the bulky generic ones. This guy clips onto your bag and is super soft & comfy.

Eye mask:

Again, wasn’t sure if I needed one of these because I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere (just as my best friends who started a twitter account with photos of me sleeping places...story for another time). Anyways, I love having a mask for when I’m wanting to rest but the lights/windows are open on the plane. I have this super cute breakfast at tiffany’s one that’s perfect because it’s not too tight on my face.

Compression Socks:

My mom used to tell me how AMAZING these socks were and of course as any good daughter would do, I didn’t listen to her. Finally, I don’t know what came over me, I decided to give them a try and let me tell you, I’ve never looked back.

Truly though, these socks are so important for long haul flights.  There’s a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) that causes blood clots from traveling for an extended period of time in cramped conditions (ugh as if economy class wasn’t bad enough lol). So if you want to protect your legs, I strongly suggest traveling with these. They ain’t sexy, but they sure do work!

Portable Charger:

I can’t imagine going anywhere without my portable charger, let alone traveling without one. These have saved my butt more times than I can count. And if you plan to use your phone at all while you travel you should be carrying one. I like to splurge on ones that charge your phone multiple times before you need to recharge the battery. Plus this one has multiple USB ports which is great if you need to wait for it...charge multiple things!


These should be self explanatory. But what I will say is wireless headphones are a must if you have an iPhone that uses the new kind of lightning cable.  The bummer with the lightning cable is you have to choose between being able to listen to your headphones or charge your phone. So these wireless headphones solve that problem. I was skeptical about the little apple ones but I’m totally sold after using them for a while now!


While I love a good book, they’re hard to travel with and can take up precious space in my carry on. So when I travel I always make sure to download an Audible book (or two or three lol). Friends if you’re not on the Audible train yet, hop on. It’s amazing. I love to flip between entrepreneur books and straight up mystery thrillers (two very opposite ends of the spectrum lol).

If you haven’t signed up for Audible yet… Click here to try Audible for free & get two free audio books!

Or if Kindle is more your speed...Click here for a free month of Kindle Unlimited

Blanket Scarf:

News flash, planes are cold. I know SHOCKER. And if you’re not about that flimsy blanket you get on most planes, let me suggest a blanket scarf. I never travel without mine. They’re amazing for planes and also work as a wrap for evenings out if it’s chilly. I personally love Zara’s blanket scarves but I’ve also found some good ones on Nordstrom too!


Seems kinda obvious no? But you would be surprised how many people forget to bring a sweater on the plane. In my opinion being comfortable is the most important thing when you’re on a flight and a cozy sweater will do just that. I like a long oversized sweater or one that’s open and I can snuggle up in.


I honestly really need to invest in a good hat case, but until then, I always wear a big hat on the plane. Mainly because I don’t want it to get smooshed in my suitcase but also because it’s a way to look like you’re put together and chic when you get off the plane (even though your hair is greasy AF and you’ve got a million zits that just popped up). So my go to hat suppliers are Lack of Color and Brixton. For winter/fall trips this & this are my go to hats and for summer this is my main squeeze.

Life hack: Lack of Color’s shipping costs are bonkers sometimes. So what I do is I buy them via my Fashion Pass subscription. Which means I get a discount on the hat (all fashion pass items are discounted) plus I don’t have to pay their shipping. DOUBLE SCORE!

Use code: Alle to get $60 off your first month!


Let me drop some knowledge I bet you already knew, it’s hard to find healthy and nutritious snacks at an airport or on a plane. While I will say I’ve been to some AWESOME airports with really great snack options, those can be a dime a dozen. And it seems when you’re looking for it you won’t find it. So best to come prepared.

I like to stuff my carry on with a few of my favorite snacks to have on hand. Personally I love Skinny Dipped Almonds, Bulletproof Bars, Brad’s Raw Chips and Bare Apple Chips.


Idk if you heard, but you should drink water on a flight. You might have to go to the bathroom more, but drinking water before and during your flight will help with jet lag and keep your skin and body feelin good.

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Under eye patches:

YOOO these are so addicting lol. If you’ve ever gotten off a plane and felt & looked like you got hit by a bus, these are for you. I use this 30 pack of Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Gels which are perfect to store in your carry on and use throughout the trip. They’re made with collagen, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and give me that kick in the pants I need when I’m feeling like the bags under my eyes are 15 pounds. PS they’re biodegradable so you’re not only helping your face but you’re not hurting the environment either!

PS most of this stuff you can find on Amazon + most all of it is Prime.  If you don’t already have a prime membership, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???? Click here to try Prime FREE for 30 days.

A plane is a recipe for dry lips. So keep that pucker looking hydrated honey! I’m a purist and there’s nothing better than Burt’s Bees lip balm. I got for the variety pack because idk how I’ll be feeling that day. Maybe I’ll be feelin the OG beeswax on one flight and the Coconut & Pear on the other. It’s good to always be prepared, amiright?!?!


Sometimes if my skin is lookin HELLA good, I won’t wear any face makeup on a flight and just put some moisturizer on before and during the flight. I’m gonna assume you already know this, but you NEED to keep your skin + body hydrated on a flight. So a good moisturizer is MAJOR KEY. I’m a MAC girl through and through and I always use their travel sized Strobe Cream. But recently, I’ve been using their tinted strobe cream and I love the added shimmer it gives my skin.

Face wipes:

Now if I get on the plane with makeup on (cause ya know, I’ve got pimples I gotta cover up) I always make sure to take my makeup off at some point. I’m more so talking about long haul flights here. So when I’m ready to go to bed and put on my under eye strips I’ll bust out my LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipe and get my face fresh and clean.


I always keep my mascara with me wherever I go lol. So I make sure to have some on the flight that I can reapply mid-flight before I get off and get on my way. Again, I’m pretty loyal to MAC and their Haute and Naughty mascara is a mainstay for me.

Usually I just wear face makeup and mascara on the flight so I keep the makeup to a minimum on travel days. And when I’m getting off I bust out a mini mirror and reapply super quick.

BB Cream:

If my skin ain’t lookin so good I just put on a thin layer of MAC’s Prep + Prime Beauty Balm to cover up my pimply peeps. What I love about this is it’s super lightweight but covers up what it needs to. PLUS it’s got SPF 35 which is great because you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen on a plane.

Not So Fun Fact: when you’re on a flight you are exposed to UVA radiation because you’re closer to the ozone layer and the sun’s rays are much more harmful. While the plane’s windows block UVB rays they don’t protect you from UVA.

If you really want to bump your protection up a notch, try applying La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk all over your body before you fly.

Magnetic Lashes:

If you have lash extensions please disregard lol. Sadly, I’m allergic so I need to find other ways to pretend I have long luscious lashes. Enter these magnetic lashes. You guys, these are my new favorite things. I wore these all throughout Yacht Week and if they can survive multiple jumps into the ocean, I think we’re onto something.

I always wear these guys when I want to give my lashes a subtle added boost but don’t want to put on real lashes and deal with the glue. They come in a super compact carrying case which is great for when I take them off mid flight and put them back on before I get off. The best part? They’re only $15 and they last FOREVER!!!!!

If you’re worried you won’t be able to put them on, I promise it’s super easy. The first few times will feel awkward but after it’s a piece of cake!



I don’t really think I need to explain… BUT I will say this, I started using Kopari aluminum free coconut deodorant after hearing about it on the Almost 30 podcast and I have got to say I’m so glad I switched to an all natural product. I never thought twice about the deodorant I was using but after hearing about all the harmful effects I knew I had to switch it up. Kopari’s Coconut Deo No Aluminum. No Baking Soda. No Parabens. No Silicone. No Phthalates. AKA No BS.

Toothbrush & toothpaste:

Again, should be self explanatory people. I like to hop into the bathroom about an hour before we land (the lines aren’t too long then) and do a little mouth refresh. Don’t want to dragon breath when you get to your final destination.

Panty liners:

Okay this guy is a tip I took from the OG herself, The Blonde Abroad. I was checking out what she brings in her carry on and she mentioned using these during long haul flights. I won’t get too in depth but we all know that things can get a little, well, STINKY down there during long flights. I like to pop one of these in before the flight and take it out before I land.


I love a good roll on perfume for inflight application. You don’t want to be too rude to your next-door neighbor, so rolling rather than spraying is always a good idea. My go to travel scent is Kate Spade Live Colorfully. It’s pretty, floral and bright!

Hand Sanitizer & Wipes:

Planes are full of bacteria, SHOCKER. Not only do you need to protect yourself but be courteous to other passengers if you’re fighting a little somethin.

Body Wipes:

Unless you’re flying first class, you ain’t getting a shower honey. SORRY...maybe one day we’ll both be there. Until then, I use my trusty travel wipes to do a quick little shower. I like these for under my arms and these for my lady parts.


I mean...just in case.


Love me some Listerine Strips lol. So middle school but still they get the job done.


My mom somehow always manages to remind me to bring something I almost forgot. So even if you’re the most together person ever, here’s some things you can’t forget:

  • Passport (make sure it isn’t set to expire!)

  • Credit cards (I love Chase Saphire for travel)

  • Travel docs

  • Copies of your passport & travel docs (I put copies of my passport in my suitcase)

  • Expensive stuff (I always carry on my jewelry & designer purses)

  • Medications (don’t want those getting lost)

  • Travel insurance (GUYS, IT’S WORTH IT…


parkerps-8 2.JPG


I hope this post was helpful! I’ll make sure to update this list from time to time as my list of things I carry on changes. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or shoot me an email or DM. I’m here to help!