5 reasons why I use a travel advisor to plan my trips


Okay, I’ll just say it. Navigating the world can sometimes be hard/confusing/intimidating, even for seasoned travelers. Sometimes you’re unsure if the review you're reading is legit or have no clue how to apply for a visa to travel to India. I am a FIRM believer in asking for help. And that goes for every aspect of my life.  So when it comes to planning my trips I turn to my two travel Gurus Linda Pawelski (my mom) and her colleague, Nancy Scorby, owner of Scorby Travel and Cruise.


Both of them work EXTEMELY hard and have YEARS of experience. It’s hard to imagine traveling without their guidance. I’m not saying you can’t explore the world on your own and have an incredible time (many people do that successfully). But I’m of the opinion that if I’m going to fly halfway around the world, I want a reputable source guiding me the whole way.

So here’s my 5 reasons why I use a travel advisor:


1. They are the experts

Just like you might hire an accountant to do your taxes or an interior designer to decorate your home, you should consider hiring a travel advisor to book your next trip. Advisors are literally EXPERTS in their field. They are up on all the latest travel news (where’s the best new place to travel, do you need vaccinations if you visit a certain country, how to obtain a visa, etc.). Travel Advisors are exactly what they sound like, after hearing about what you’re looking for, how much you’re willing to spend, they do the research to find the PERFECT place for you to visit on your next vacation.

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2. Been there, done that

A good portion of a travel advisor’s job is to TRAVEL. Makes sense right? So if you are looking for advice or guidance from someone who’s traveled extensively in the place you’re looking to visit, you need to call a travel advisor.  More than that, because they’ve visited multiple hotels in that location, they can give you honest opinions on which hotels to book and which ones to avoid.


3. They’ve got your back

In a perfect world there would be ZERO problems when it comes to your travels. But sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. So let’s say your flight gets canceled or the tour you planned on taking gets rained out, your travel advisor is essentially your "fixer". They’re there to help you when the unexpected happens. Their network of resources allows them to book you on the next available flight or suggest a different option if your plans get messed up.


4. They think of things you didn’t

This is a big one.  A travel agent can take your trip from ordinary to extraordinary.  While you might have done EXTENSIVE research, read all your favorite travel blogs and scrolled through Trip Advisor until your eyes ache (please don’t do that), a travel advisor still might think of something you didn’t OR have a REALLY great recommendation. And unless you have the time to devote hours to reading reviews and scouring the internet, it might be worth it to work with someone who's already done that research.


5. Perks on perks on perks

You want to feel like a VIP right? Maybe understand what it’s like to travel if let’s say you were Beyonce? While I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to walk in Beyonce’s shoes for a day, you will enjoy perks ONLY a travel advisor can get you.  For example, advisors can sometimes get hotels to throw in complimentary breakfast, upgrades or spa credits.  


So if you’re someone who’s in DESPERATE NEED of a vacay but you’re so busy you don’t even have time to pick up your own dry cleaning, I’d first suggest a delivery service, and then I’d say HIRE A TRAVEL ADVISOR.

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