I rented a Chanel purse and you can too!


Listen up ladies. This is not a drill. I’ve got a new rental service you NEED to know about. It’s called DesignerShare and I’m obsessed.  (PS YOU SHOULD READ THIS WHOLE POST BECAUSE THERE’S A GIFT AT THE END…).

It’s no secret that I LOVE a good clothing rental service. (Read my post about how Rent the Runway changed my life) So when I heard about DesignerShare (Thanks Olivia Rink!) I knew I had to get on the train.  BONUS, it’s a Chicago based company and I’m ALL ABOUT supporting my local business community.


DesignerShare works in two ways.

  1. You can rent items

  2. You can lend items

Yeah...you can rent out your designer things and make back the money you spent to buy them. GENIUS!!!!


If you want to rent…

Browse the closets of women nationwide and then request the item you want. You can request to have an item for a week or up to a month!  Once approved the item is shipped to you (DesignerShare suggests having it delivered one day prior to when you need it).

Once it’s in your hands, OWN THAT RENTAL GURL! And when you’re done ship it back and the dry cleaning is taken care of!

If you want to know more details click here!

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If you want to lend…

It’s super easy! Write a product description, take some quality photos and set your weekly rental price.  There are some guidelines to be aware of. Items must be original (DUH!!), they must be worth at least $200 and they should be in great condition.

When an item is requested you have 12 hours to accept or reject the offer.  Then DesignerShare ships your item out and takes care of dry cleaning when it’s returned.

Once the rental is complete you get 75% of the transaction.

More details here!


I rented this Chanel purse for my trip to New York and it was beyond perfect. I have to say I’ve wanted one of these Chanel Boy Bags for a while now and I honestly couldn’t justify the purchase. And now, I don’t have to!

The delivery was super easy and the purse was in perfect condition. I can’t wait to start renting more. There’s a few Gucci bags that I have my eyes on… OH and did I mention… there’s BIRKIN BAGS on there. Yes, you can rent a Birkin.


I’m giving all of you lovely people 25% off when you use the code ALLE25

Christmas came early kids! YOU’RE WELCOME.

So browse away! The options are literally endless!