I got my very own Ice Castle for a day



I just did the coolest thing the other day and you need to know about it! Doesn’t it look like I’m in Antartica or somewhere straight out of Frozen?

LRG_DSC04300 2.JPG

Actually, I’m in Lake Geneva at their first ever Ice Castles. Confused? Not to worry, let me explain.

Ice Castles is a Utah based company that built 6 of these incredible ice exhibits all across the country and Canada (Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah, Wisconsin & Alberta). This was their first year bringing it to Lake Geneva and I’m SO happy they did.

It’s basically a massive, man-made, winter wonderland that has adults and children giddy with excitement when they walk inside. Check out my video below to see what I mean.

Linda and I heard about the event way back in November when one of the Chicago newspapers did a feature on the complex coming to town. Since Lake Geneva is only about an hour and a half away from St. Charles we thought it would be a fun midweek escape. TBH, I really just wanted to have a mini frozen photoshoot and dragged Linda along as my photographer. No matter the motivation, we had a blast.

Immediately when you enter you walk through this massive ice cave and it feels like you’ve been transported to another world. But then a screaming child brings you right back to reality. (Suggestion for next year, have an adult only day? Just a friendly thought lol…) Anyways, despite the inevitable hoards of kids running around, the Ice Castles experience is really pretty incredible.

LRG_DSC04331 2.JPG

Around every corner, there was something new to explore. It’s funny because from the outside the complex looks pretty small, but once you’re inside it seems like the ice walls surrounding you are never-ending.

GOOD NEWS! Ice Castles just extended its dates for Lake Geneva and will be open 2/21 - 2/22, 2/24 - 2/25 & 2/27. Click here to buy tickets for the Lake Geneva Ice Castles. And if you live in Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah or Edmonton, it looks like those Ice Castles in those states stay open through the start of March. Click here to get more details.


If you missed your chance to go this year, let’s keep our fingers crossed Ice Castles makes its return to Lake G next year. To make sure you stay on top of their opening and closing info subscribe to their newsletter. That’s how I found out about exact dates on when it would open and got exclusive newsletter discounts on presale tickets.

My advice:

  • Make sure to book your tickets ahead of time. There are stand by tickets but then you have to wait and sometimes the line can be long. With pre-purchased tickets, you get to head right in

  • Wear warm clothes, this isn’t a fashion show! HA who am I kidding, of course, it is. Just dress warm and wear snow boots if you have them. OOOO and waterproof pants might not be a bad idea. I wore jeans and had a huge water stain on my butt for the rest of the day cause I was sitting on ice in some pictures lol.

  • Go on a weekday if you can (less little kids lol)

  • Don’t forget your camera!

If you want to snag some last minute tickets to Lake Geneva or the other locations click here.

And Ice Castles, if you’re listening, COME BACK TO LAKE GENEVA IN 2020!