The 5 best places to take photos in LA


Let’s be real, in this day it’s all about doing things #forthegram.

Whether it’s going to one of those Instagram museums and taking 4,567 photos or visiting a cafe and ordering the most outrageous item on the menu just to take a photo of it.

WE ALL DO IT. Well most of us at least. So I figured I’d put together a video of my 5 favorite photo spots in LA. Because honestly when it comes to LA, you could do the weirdest, wildest, strangest thing for the gram and someone else will have already done it twice and hired a photographer.

Check out my can’t miss LA photo spots video below!

Here’s a list of all the spots we hit + their addresses!


Venice Canals

You’ve all seen the classic Venice sign but have you checked out the canals? You’d honestly miss them if you didn’t know to look for them. But it’s one of my favorite places to go. Plus you’re only a block away from the main drag but it feels like you’re in your own little oasis.

Address: You can find access points at different points of the canal but I get to them at the intersection of South Venice Boulevard and Dell Ave.


Beverly Hills Hotel

There is simply no place like the Beverly Hills Hotel. Truly, the hotel’s color palate/vibe couldn’t be more perfect. And if you’re looking for a chic, girly place to snag some pics - GO! We just hung outside because we had a tight schedule but if you have more time, go inside, have some lunch and snag some pics around property.

Address: 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Carrera Cafe

You’ve FOR SURE seen this cafe on insta.  Whether it’s the mural wall that’s constantly evolving or their americano art you’ve for sure seen this spot on the gram.  It’s also perfectly located right across the street from the iconic pink wall (two birds one stone if you catch my drift).

Grab a coffee + your friends + a camera and have a basic blogger photo shoot. What’s there to lose? Except your dignity?

Address: 8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Palm Trees + the Hollywood sign.

Again, it’s basic but it’s iconic. The Hollywood sign is a bit hard to photograph far away, but with a zoom lens + a clear day you can snag a great shot! Full disclosure, we didn’t have a clear day lol. BUT if you do, you need to head to this neighborhood. It’s a quiet spot, with hardly any traffic. Just make sure you’re super respectful while you’re there since it is a residential area.

Address: 425 S Windsor Boulevard


Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Let’s talk about a place that serves insta worthy ice cream that actually tastes good. Bumsan Organic Milk Bar has the most creative soft serve with customizable toppings and crazy cool cones.  After your long day of photo taking you’re going to want to treat yourself to something sweet and this is your place.

Just don’t forget to take a picture first.

Address: 534 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020


If you go to any of these spots make sure to take a photo + use my hashtag #galsabroad when you post so I can see you having fun!

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